Fortnite’s Disco Domination Mode; Season 6 details

One of the most popular things about Fortnite is the ability to dance with a huge selection of emotes to choose from. Players can select from a variety of smooth moves based on real-life dance moves to just randomness from Epic Games.

A new Limited time Mode will be released for the worlds most popular battle royale game and will sport these emotes as a major function in this objective-based, exclusive new Fortnite mode.

The name is called Disco Domination, and anyone can guess that its a typical domination-type game mode from many other shooters like Call of Duty and Unreal Championship. Players will fight for control points throughout the map, but players will have to dance on these points in order to score game objectives.

The idea is funny and I can already tell it’ll be hectic. Imagine running into a room with a whole team dancing around on a point and you need to take them down.

There will also be more challenges and easter eggs that utilize motes. The sixth season of Fortnite comes in an update yet to be announced. Players will be able to play across all platforms.

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