Black Ops 4: Nuketown release date has been confirmed 1

Black Ops 4: Nuketown release date has been confirmed

The signature map to the Black Ops series, Nuketown, has been confirmed for release.

This time around, the map will take place in a Russian, snowy setting based on previously hinted tweets and screenshots. Treyarch had previously teased the map in the newest Black Ops entry title, but there was no official word on when players would be able to duke it out on Nuketown.

Today, the official Call of Duty Twitter account announced that the map would launch for the PS4 on November 13. Fans have already begun to express their excitement over the news with comments and shares. The tweet reads in Russian with a caption that translates to “Welcome back” which further solidifies that Nuketown will take place in a Russian setting.

There was also a video posted with the tweet that shows a few scenes of the map that players will get to duke it out on in just a few days time from now.

Nuketown will be exclusive for PS4 players at first due to the deal Sony has with Activision. One week later, the map will be available for Xbox One and PC on November 20. Nuketown will be available for all digital and physical copies- you only need to buy the base game to be able to play on the map.

Nuketown is known for being hectic, crazy, and one fast-paced map due to the CQC-centered setting of the map every time it’s released in a new Call of Duty entry.