Final Fantasy Dissidia NT: Yuna revealed to be the next DLC fighter

Final Fantasy X’s Yuna is making her return in Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. She’ll be the next DLC character released coming this December, which was revealed through a brand new trailer that shows off her new magical abilities and the awesome summoning of Valefor for some extra damage. She’ll be joining Jecht and Tidus as the representation for FFX in this new crossover fighter.

The trailer shows off her moves and we can see that she’ll likely be a ranged fighter with plenty of combo abilities that combine her magical spells, abilities, and Valefor. She can do some homing abilities for fast-moving targets and ranged burst attacks.

Yuna seems fitting because there aren’t many other characters that can both home on enemies and link combos together from a distance. The DLC release will confirm this assumption we can only wait and see! She’ll be excellent for matchups that require lots of zoning.

Yuna will have an extra costume to go alongside her basic, default one. She’ll get her wedding dress with Seymour from FFX. She’ll be the second-to-last DLC character from this season pass. As of the next and last character for this season, there’s no solid speculation as of yet.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is available for the PS4. The game is a crossover fighter that features more than 20 playable characters. Stay tuned for the next reveal. You can check out Yuna’s trailer below:

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