Black Ops IIII is set for release.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII to release October 12, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII has been announced and is set for release October 12th, 2018.

Publisher Activision has stated that the game is in development and has been confirmed for the rumored release date. The announcement was made after the game was teased by James Harden, pro basketball player. He was at a recent game dressed in full camo and a cap as well. The cap had an “IIII” logostylizedd in the Black Ops fashion with Roman numbers and font.

Developer Treyarch will be taking the reigns this time round after Sledgehammer Games on Call of Duty: WWII. This game will be the first CoD title to be released since CoD 2 which was released back in 2005 in the same month.

It’s unsure why these two companies used “IIII” instead of “IV” instead. But it was shown that the Birtish Museum revealed that both IV and IIII were both used during Roman times. It’s just that “IV” came into popularity in modern times as reported by Eurogamer.

Additional info will be relased on May 17th during a Community Reveal Event for fans. So far, the only information revealed is to “foget what you know” as stated on the CoD site. That’s pretty much it.

Black Ops III is still receving updates such as the Infected game mode and the Redwood Snow map also. Updates should keep hardcore fans busy until IIII rolls out.

Image via the official site.

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