Card RPG Labyrinth shutting down September; All components are now free 1

Card RPG Labyrinth shutting down September; All components are now free

The card collectible online game Labyrinth will be shutting down for good coming this September. Fans who are hardcore players will definitely be affected by the shutdown, but developer Free Range Games has announced that they need to do so because of dwindling player numbers.

Labyrinth is a game that players as a turn-based card game with RPG elements. Each player chooses a set of heros that are placed into a tabletop dungeon. They use cards to complete their moves and defeat the enemy. There’s even offline defenders to defend your house against attackers.

The game was in Steam Early Access ever since inception at May of 2016. The game has never really achieved an audience to keep the servers running. Thus, the game has to be shut down as it’s no longer (or maybe never was) profitable for Free Range Games.

The concept of the game sounds awesome, but marketing and competitors like Hearthstone have just taking the spotlight for card games.

In a news post released to the community, Free Range Games said that the past few years have “been an honor and a joy to be able to make the game that we wanted to play” and shared it with a wonderful community.

They’ve now made everything in the game for free so players can build the deck they’ve always wanted.

If you’ve ever played Labyrinth and gave up, you may want to try the game again because now it’s completely free. But I don’t know about people who’ve never tried it. They probably have no interest.

Free Range Games did say that there’s hope of a comeback for the game, but who knows? They mention that you “Korghan and his band will show up again” as a possibility.

Let’s see what they have planned. The company still exists, just not the game they made. Maybe they have something else up their sleeve?