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Respawn responds to “code:leaf” error plaguing Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 2 introduced many cool things and all, but it also brought along an error that’s plagued the game since S1.

I’m talking about the “code:leaf” or “code:net” error. This message has been the bane of the game for many players and still hasn’t been fixed yet, even in S2.

The error usually happens when trying to connect to a game, and doesn’t really say much for what you can do to remedy the message other than going to “ea.com/unable-to-connect.”

Of course, going to that page, I just see basic diagnostic details on connections. This isn’t something wrong with your connection. Typically. Rather, this error seems to be more on the server-side on EA’s end.

A recent developer post on Reddit showed that they’re definitely aware of this error, and that they’re still working on a fix. They did finally offer some more details regarding what exactly the “code:leaf” error means.

According to the developers of Apex Legends, the two codes mean the following:

  • code:net: A connection was made to the server, but it disappeared and stop answering.
  • code:leaf: The server never answered in the first place when it was asked if we could connect

Although now we know what these details from the server mean, players can’t really do much but to reload another match to fix the problem.

Players have reported that the errors have now become much more frequent than before, and that “code:leaf” seems to be more prevalent than “code:net.”

Respawn is definitely working on a resolution, and has reported that “code:leaf” affects the entire lobby rather than one person. This means the lobby that you went into the game with all got the same error, as each matchup won’t launch with a partially filled roster of players.

They’re working on a fix, but who knows when. Maybe in Apex Legends S3.