Carrion is a violent reverse horror game.

Carrion – A violent new “reverse horror” game where you’re the enemy

Carrion is a new “reverse horror game” that has you playing the role of the violent monster instead of the traditional format.

It’s a very gruesome, gory, and violent horror game that has you playing as this huge blog that wants nothing but human destruction. The game is made with old-school pixel art and is full of violence. The gameplay videos released so far has scenes where the player controlling the blob using its long tendrils to slowly crawl through an old lab and literally rip the scientists apart.

There’s also a skill system where you can upgrade your blobby activities like dashing, throwing, and of course, grabbing. Using these abilities is needed to get around barriers like fences, vents, and other things that may try to slow your alien blob down.

The game is played in a 2D sidescrolling format using a traditional point-and-click interface. The game features 16-bit graphics (or it appears so) and is detailed with grungy colors.

There’s also a splitting ability that divides you into two blobs and is needed unlock high-security doors that require two levers to be pressed.

So far, the game has no set release date. Carrion is a new twist on the old-school horror we’re accustomed to. You can check it out here.

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