Inside Xbox is the new show to get all the newest updates.

Inside Xbox premiers this weekend at 12PM PT – Episode 1 is about Sea of Thieves

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be premiering an exclusive new show called “Inside Xbox.”

It airs for the first time this Saturday, March 10 at 112PM PT. The first episode will be an exclusive behind the scenes look at Sea of Thieves. Rare will be there to talk about core concept designs that took place during the development of the game and how feedback from the beta helped revamped the game. They’ll also talk about what’s coming ahead in terms of post-launch content.

Inside Xbox is a monthly show that’ll probably air around the same time every month. Team Xbox will also talk about random announcements like new games, news, and even new additions to Game Pass- Xbox’s $10/month subscription service to many first-party games.

You can watch it on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook. Hosts include Larry Hryb, Jeff Rubenstein, Alex Hebert, Lydia Ellery, Graeme Boyd, and more.

Imag via Xbox Wire.

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