Get the name you've always wanted.

Change your Xbox gamertag to the name you’ve always wanted

Hate your gamertag on Xbox Live? Hate no more!

Microsoft will be expanding how its current gamertag system naming process works. Players will be able to soon pick any name they want, similar to how Steam and Discord currently work.

There will be a display name tied to an account name. The display name can obviously be changed, but the account is perm.

Xbox Live gamertags will now have an account #number if they’ve already been reserved.

This new update has already rolled earlier today, and you’re free to choose any name (per the policy) up to 12 characters using this new system.

For players who don’t like the number added to the end of their name, you won’t have to get that ugly addition if you don’t change your name.

The new gamertag naming system will also support multiple languages.

Similarly to how PlayStation’s name changing works, the first change is free, and each one following will run you a cool $9.99.

The name change update is already live on Xbox App and Xbox Game Bar. For the actual console and phone app, this will roll out later. It’s kind of strange how this isn’t done all at the same time, but oh well.

We’ll update you when the name change comes on consoles.