Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter mode explained.

Fallout 76’s battle royale mode explained, Nuclear Winter

Fallout 76’s battle royale mode is definitely a controversial topic.

Regardless, the latest offering from Bethesda in the Fallout is nothing but a battle royale mode, and here’s how it works.

The upcoming Westlanders expansion pack will be coming soon, but while that’s still on the way, we’ll have a piece of Nuclear Winter- the BR mode. This isn’t just another copy/paste attempt at a battle royale.

Here’s why it’s different.

First, the battle royale for Fallout 76 will have a weird number of 52 players. Why?

Players will team up with squads of four total. Players can enter the match using premades, or pair with random players. Note that four is the max, groups of 2 or 3 can still enter.

The objective of Nuclear Winter is to compete for the Overseer position of Vault 51. Players spawn into the map and everyone will be sent to their starting location. Players are first invincible and invisible, which gives you a chance to figure out some strats. If you interact using an item, you’ll be shown to enemies.

For Nuclear Winter, there will be a nuclear firestorm that closes in. Cool.

This is a whole new game mode, which means standalone progression. You can’t bring your current gear or perks from the other modes, and you’ll have to use new weapons, armor, and equips each time that have been modified for PvP. Everything has been fine-tuned just for BR.

Players can loot from various storage boxes, hacking computers, killing enemies, or supply drops. Overseer XP will be given per match, unlocking Overseer Ranks which apply players with new cosmetics for all game modes. So this means the stuff you earn from BR can be used in other modes also. That’s pretty cool.

Depending on how big the map is, Nuclear Winter may actually be really fun. I’m already having a lot of fun with the base game on Adventure, so I’ll definitely be trying this out to get my money’s worth.

Players can also build CAMPs around the map at no cost, which means you’ll be able to repair and take shelter as needed. You can also use defenses, bunkers, etc. This adds a whole new dimension to BR, kind of somewhere along the lines of Fortnite.

Nuclear Winter will be available until 6/17, to which then the servers will go down during the test period.