Children of Morta releases 9/3 on PC 1

Children of Morta releases 9/3 on PC

Children of Morta will be releasing on 9/3, as confirmed by the studio that’s been working hard on this new ARPG.

Their successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 was the start of this project, and now developer Dead Mage has found a publisher to help them push out the game.

They just released the trailer for the title, where you can see some of the artwork that went into this game. Players play as a family of heroes fighting against the Corruption, which are the baddies taking over their universe. You play as the Bergons, and there are 6 of them, each with their own style to suit your gameplay.

Children of Morta is run-based, so this allows everyone plenty of time to try out each playstyle and find the style that best fits your gameplay methodology. This game is not a roguelike, as you can save your progress, but only after each completed run.

With gorgeous artwork, fluid attacks, and animation that matches some AAA studios, the work put into this game is easy to spot.

The PC release is on 9/3, with Switch, PS4, and Xbox one releasing in October.