ARK: Genesis update adds new biomes, mission-based mode, and new creatures

Studio Wildcard has announced the next expansion for the dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved. The next expansion will be called ARK: Genesis and has two large content updates.

One major update will be the new mission-based gameplay mode, where players will have to do quests and complete objectives through the world. The other update will be more new biomes and dinosaurs, such as sea turtles, fuzzies, and some cuddly bear-like creatures.

There’s also a few new end-game bosses, such as a dragon that spits fire hovering around giant volcanoes and such.

The update will have a large map expansion with new everything- hazards, environmental effects, creatures, and biomes. For those who’ve been keeping up with ARK, this new update should be one for the ages.

Players will also get a free cosmetic pet with the purchase of the season pass, which is basically a hologram that warns you of dangers nearby.

The game is currently on sale for just under $18 on Steam, which is currently about 65% off the MSRP.

David Wong

David Wong

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