Cities: Skylines for Xbox One finally gets mod support

Cities: Skylines is getting some mod support for Xbox One.

It’s always been a game that’s mod-friendly for the PC crowd, but not so much for the console crowd (as with most games that can be modded). Cities: Skylines allows players to create mods that can pretty much change any aspect of the game.

The modding community behind it isn’t just some dozen modders with a small playerbase of people. It’s actually quite robust and even profitable for modders.

According to a post on the Xbox Wire, console players will be able to get in on the modding chaos.

Modded content will also come in a Content Creator Pack which will include some buildings created by the best modders to add to your city. There will also be a free content update coming on March 6 that’ll add some feature to host your own sports team as well.

Neudinger of Paradox Interactive states that mods are something that Paradox fans expect from games:

“We’ve been working together with Tantalus to see if there was a way to bring mods to our console players that was as enjoyable as it has been on other platforms, and with help from the Xbox team, we’re ready to let our fans give mods a try in Cities: Skylines.

The game has always had mod support for PC, but now Xbox players will be able to play with mods on Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition with the ability to easily integrate user-created mods in the Xbox edition. Not all of the mods will be available, but a few select ones will.

The mods that have been chosen to be available for Xbox have been handpicked by the game’s devs. They’bve been tested for compatibility and should work right in the mod browser which just rolled out in an update a few days ago. Colossal Order will also expand mod offerings to console players if this becomes a success.

The game is already available on the Microsoft Store. If you’ve been waiting to get in on this AAA title, you can grab it for just $40 for Xbox or $30 for PC via Steam.

Image via Steam.