Darkstalkers Costume DLC bundle coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom has announced earlier today that they’ll be using the theme of the Darkstalkers universe in an upcoming costume DLC bundle for their Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition title.

Given that they’ve been teasing Darkstalkers fans long enough, they’ll shed a small sliver of light by including costumes into their newest fighting title. It’ll include six costumes that replicate some characters in Darkstalkers using their Street Fighter counterparts. Urien is Donovan, Chun-Li is Morrigan, Juri is Lili, Ed is Demitri, and the weirdest combo is Menat getting Felicia and Khaibit.

The DLC costumes pack will retail for $14.99 and rolls out September 25th. Capcom released a trailer showing off the new costume counterparts, which you can check out below. Fans of the Darkstalkers series will be gleeful no doubt.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is currently available for purchase on PS4 and PC.