DC’s Arkham Universe: Next Batman game leaked?

Batman: Arkham Knight was released three years ago, which seemed like a proper ending to the small series of titles. But recent reports have surfaced the web that Rocksteady may have another Batman game up its sleeve- and this time around, they’re going all in.

A post on Reddit two days ago contained a list of information about this next entry into the Batman series. The account is now wiped, but an archive set up at ResetEra compiled everything about this title. From the information, we gathered that it’s set to be announced at X018, which takes place next month.

The title of the game is speculated to be called DC’s Arkham Universe. The game will be quite different from the previous game, with a focus on multiplayer and multiple playable characters than any of the previous Arkham games. The whole lineup from the Batman series is in, with Tim Drake as Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman, Batgirl, and more.

Arkham Universe will be about 1.5 times the size of the Gotham in Arkham Knight with complete neighborhoods and areas going under complete overhauls in order to make the city more live and persistent. The gameplay will be similar to the previous games with the co-op mode to allow special abilities and takedowns complete with stealth segments which have players working together to avoid danger and combat segments which have them bashing baddies as a team.

Characters in this game will also move much faster than previous titles. The storyline is inspired by the many Court of Owls storylines and the Batcave is present as a main hub for the player to upgrade, change characters, and take on new missions and game modes.

DC’s Arkham Universe is scheduled for release in Fall 2019 for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC. No word on Nintendo Switch yet. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as we’ll quickly learn if this is real or just a rude Joker.

This is the original post (archived via ResetEra):

“Let me start off by saying that Rocksteady isn’t making that Harry Potter game. That’s Avalanche Software, WB’s new studio they purchased last year. To all those who were hoping that Rocksteady was moving on from the Arkhamverse and making a different type of DC game, I’m sorry, but they aren’t. There’s no Justice League or Superman game in development.
Rocksteady’s new multiplayer Batman game is scheduled to get announced at X018. Here’s everything I know:

  • Title: DC’s Arkham Universe
  • Release Date: Fall 2019
  • Current Gen: XB1/1X/PS4/PS4Pro/PC
  • Single player/Co-op/Multiplayer(specific modes)
  • Characters include the entire Batfamily: Batman, Robin(Tim), Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Hood
  • Gotham is about 1.5x the size of AK. Districts and neighborhoods have gone through complete overhaul.
  • Gotham is now a “living, breathing city”
  • Set Time of Day/Weather(Rain,Overcast,Snow)
  • There are random crimes such as car chases, bank robberies, muggings, and so forth.
  • Main Villain: Court of Owls
  • Story takes inspiration from the different Court of Owls storylines.
  • Every character is available in free roam.
  • Batman has a redesigned Batmobile(transport only) and the other characters have their cycles
  • Batcave serves as main hub for upgrades, character swaps, new missions, game modes
  • Game plays similar to past Arkham games, but there are new options for co-op: Dual takedowns in combat/stealth.
  • Stealth segments make you work together
  • Parkour has been expanded. Characters move a lot quicker and more fluid.
  • Main gadgets are the same except for a couple new additions.
  • New enemy types include Talons and Pilots(enemies that hover the battlefield, you have to either use a gadget or dual takedown to get them down)
  • Talons are the same as the ninja types from Arkham Knight. They can counter your counters and also have their own gadgets(knife, throwing knife)
  • Game takes place in the Arkhamverse, obviously
  • This is supposed to be Rocksteady’s true “last hoorah” of Batman games.”

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