Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode: Longer revive timers, increased crawl speeds

CoD: Black Ops 4 has seen many changes recently after the player feedback from the open beta test on PS4 that ran a few weeks ago. We’ve seen FPS increases, player count increases, item pickup changes, and many other fine tweaks.

Treyarch is still working around the clock to finalize the Blackout mode before CoD: BO4 rolls out next Friday, October 12th. They want to ensure the best performance while not bogging down their servers so players get a positive gameplay experience.

An online personality, Tejbz, revealed that he was told directly by Treyarch that the revive timer in the Blackout mode was doubled in length, but then a developer has come out of the wild and said that it’s not exactly double. This dev was Matt Scronce, Senior Game Designer at Treyarch. He noted the following:

“Blackout was 3 seconds revive in beta and we’ve increased it to 5 seconds for launch”, he said in a Reddit post.

And to balance the revive timers, they increased the character crawl speed after you get downed. This way you can run (well, crawl) for cover while your teammates revive you or take down the enemies.

Scronce said that the Medic perk will become a useful attribute, which reduces the revive time by half. This perk was widely underused in the beta, so this just may make it meta. Posts on Reddit surfaced:

Double the revive time of Beta in full release. The right move IMO. Thoughts? from Blackops4

Other battle royale games have much longer revive timers anyway, with Fortnite being a whole 10 seconds. Scronce remarks:

“We enjoy the gameplay around revive times at a quicker pace compared to the genre standard.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode will be the first time the series has attempted a battle royale mode. It’ll also be the first CoD game with no single-player campaign. The game will undergo changes as time goes on to improve the gameplay and performance- namely FPS and server balancing. The game comes out next Friday.

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