Discord announces 90/10 split; Big plans scheduled for 2019

Discord has announced some big and bold plans for their online store. With Epic Games jumping into the fray, Discord isn’t the only one that’s taking on Steam. Now Steam has more competition to worry about than ever.

In 2019, Discord will enable all self-published developers to take 90% of their sales earned from games. This means Discord is one of the newest companies with the best rates around.

They launched the Discord Store in October this year and has continued to add more games to its growing library. Although they haven’t really shattered sales or hurt Steam’s userbase, the company is now upping the ante to take on Steam’s 70% offering. This just may make more developers switch to Discord to sell their games which means pulling more fans (and sales) from Steam.

The announcement comes right after Epic Games launched their store today, which takes just 12% of sales. As of now, Discord offers the best split out of the two new stores and the long-dominant Steam.

Developers can easily promote their games on Discord rather than Steam because they’re more interactive with their communities now than ever. With fast access to social media, they can promote their games on other platforms, which means more exposure and “forced” sales on other platforms than Steam for supporters.

Discord has also announced adjustments coming to their Verified Servers, such as an updated Activity Feed amongst other features.

Discord says that many developers feel that giving up 30% of their sales isn’t really viable in this digital economy. Discord will give enough split and be able to be profitable:

We believe if we iterate and work with developers, we can reverse platform fragmentation in the game industry while connecting developers and players closer together.

Source: Discord.

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