Capcom releases new series of video shorts for Resident Evil 2 remake

A new bunch of videos have been released for Resident Evil 2 all focused on detailing the Birkin family.

Capcom Japan has been pushing out a series of videos to promote their new game. Last week, they released a new set of videos which focused on Ada, zombie dogs, and the typewriters littered throughout the game. Claire and the Lickers were also featured already in the previous set of videos released by the popular horror game developer.

This week, they’ve released another series of shorts focusing on the Birkin family, one of the main set of characters in the story of Resident Evil 2 other than Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

This time around, we don’t only see Sherry Birkin when she was young, but also William Birkin who’s been infected with the virus. You can get some more details and actual gameplay footage from the video shorts.

The whole lineup of shorts are posted below this article. Capcom is finally releasing some canon details that cover the background of each character and enemy to detail the history of the series to pump up some excitement for Resident Evil 2, which is coming out on January 25 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon if you haven’t already.


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