Doom 64 to be released on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One (rumor) 1

Doom 64 to be released on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One (rumor)

Doom 64 has been officially rated by PEGI, which means that we’re getting yet another Doom game to the lineup.

As you may have heard, Doom 1, Doom 2, and Doom 3 will be available for the Nintendo Switch, as they are with PS4 and Xbox One.

Now that Doom 64 has been rated, we’re likely to see this additional entry added to the bunch. Doom 64 would be a remake of the original title on the N64, which was a completely original game and not a spinoff of anything- so we’re not getting a remake of a remake or any of that.

The thing that’s most questionable is, why hasn’t the original N64 Doom been ported yet? Why only through a remake?

Doom 64 was hated by some circles because of the other AAA titles released around the same time- GoldenEye and Turok.

But the game was still amazingly well done with an awesome atmosphere and soundtrack. This was probably one of my favorite Doom titles of all time, and now we’ll be able to replay it on modern consoles along with the bunch.

Just because the artwork wasn’t on par with the other titles shouldn’t be a good argument. The game was amazingly atmospheric and had legendary level design.

There Was Doom 64 EX, but the only co-op was pretty much broken. Doom 64 was an original game and not a remix of the original Doom.

We should expect to see Doom 64 on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch!