Blue Protocol alpha gameplay footage goes live

New gameplay footage from Bandai Namco’s new upcoming action RPG Blue Protocol was released from several sources.

Blue Protocol will be released for PC and will feature traditional online RPG elements with various classes such as the Blast Archer, Aegis Fighter, and other classes.

Right now, Blue Protocol doesn’t have much to show, as it’s still in alpha so the sound effects, visuals, and other elements are still under development.

The game focuses on action-oriented combat and does away with the tab targeting controls. Blue Protocol will likely be F2P and currently only has a PC release for eastern countries. There’s currently no planned release for the western hemisphere right now.

So far, the videos aren’t the best, but they offer some early looks. The Spellcaster class doesn’t look too entertaining compared to the Blast Archer, and roughly generic. The sound effects also definitely need some work.

But then again, Blue Protocol has a long way to go at the current state. So we should see more news over time.

Hopefully, there will a US release.
Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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