Dota 2’s Treasure Update shows drop rates for loot crates

Dota 2’s new treasure update will now show drop rate percentages for loot boxes. Valve is changing the way loot boxes and disclosures work in the game with players able to see in-game percentages before they buy. This is nothing new, as many games are now required to show this information in many countries worldwide.

Valve’s latest update for Dota 2 will show the exact chances of getting rarity loot, all based on the number of keys you buy. More keys mean more chances of getting the loot, to no surprise.

Countries globally have been enforcing these kinds of laws. Blizzard Entertainment recently took out loot crates for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. Developers have also announced many times that their games won’t contain any loot crates. Dota 2 is just another domino in the long line of games starting to feel the heat.

Besides the changes in Dota 2, there are some other updates tot he game. Dota Plus subs will get access to new a perk that allows them to recycle unwanted treasures for treasure fragments. Once six are collected from the same drop, an extra copy of the treasure and 2K Dota Plus cards will be given.

Players will now also be able to shuffle their item sets for each hero during matches.

You can get more information about this update here at Dota 2’s page.

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