Fortnite Battle Bus moves faster with V6.10 update

Fortnite’s Battle Bus doesn’t really get too much attention, but it looks like now Epic Games is doing a major update to the Bus with their latest patch to the game.

Fortnite posted a tweet to let fans know that the Battle Bus will now travel a whole 25% faster than previously when flying.

While the Bus has gone through some minor updates here and there, this is the first time when it’s gotten praise directly- and in a tweet. Players have gotten some special ballons for the game’s anniversary and the ability to even thank the driver, but now with faster movement speeds, this will only add for more fast-paced action. This update affects gameplay because the speed adjustment will affect the game ever so slightly.

The update was announced just a single day after Epic Games detailed the new changes to Fortnite in its V6.10 update, which also was featured alongside other major changes like map adjustments and the new vehicle: The Quadcrasher.

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