Dragon Age 4 will likely be announced at The Game Awards this week

BioWare has been making some sweet headlines by singing praises of their coveted Dragon Age project that’s said to be revealed very soon. Dragon Age has been silent for a while now, and fans are hungering for more. They said that they’ll release more info in the month of December regarding the franchise.

GM for BioWare Casey Hudson didn’t specify what the news would be or when it would be revealed to the public, but according to a report from VentureBeat, the news that BioWare and EA plan to unveil will be none other than Dragon Age 4. The report says that many sources close to the project cite that Dragon Age 4 will be the game slated for The Game Awards this Thursday, December 6.

Hudson will be at the show and will likely show off a new trailer for Anthem. He’ll probably also mention something about Dragon Age 4 at the conference, as it’s a fitting time with the world’s eyes on BioWare, which has been quiet for a long time now and only hinting that they’re working on new things for the series. The report says that the production for the game was put on hold earlier this year so they could focus on Anthem.

The game is suggested to be coming out in 2021, so there’s plenty of time. The timeframe could shift, but that’s the plan right now for EA. The game could be coming out on newer console hardware given that PS5 and Xbox 2 are speculated to be coming out in 2020.

We’ll see what happens at the show later this week. If the game does get announced, you’ll hear about it here on barrelrolled.

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