Battlefield 5’s first major content update Overture delayed

Battlefield 5‘s first major free content update was scheduled for release tomorrow, December 4. But due to unknown reasons, DICE has pulled the update.

Just revealed a few hours ago, Chapter 1: Overture has now been officially delayed from the scheduled launch tomorrow. Other than it being a major free content update, not many other details are known as to why the patch was pulled last minute before going live.

DICE has seemed to just push the whole thing back to a later date that’s unknown at this time. This will definitely disappoint some players, but it’s probably better than pushing out an incomplete mess (*ahem* Fallout 76).

DICE tweeted about this on Twitter, and it will report back with more updates ASAP. The AAA developer said that they’ll follow up with more news tomorrow or as “soon as we have it.”

Overture will still release sometime this week as they “don’t anticipate a long delay,” but this can’t help BF5‘s reception- given that the game has mixed reviews and many loyal fans have decided to skip this one altogether.

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