Ducktales: Remastered available until August 8

You can still grab a copy of Ducktales: Remastered before it leaves the digital storefront coming this August 8th.

The game has been out since 2013, adn Capcom has announced and confirmed that the game will no longer be sold in stores soon. Depending on where you purchase the game, the range of dates will be different.

Capcom and develop Wayforward created this remake of the 1989 classic.

The game has garnered some positive reviews over time to praise while keeping the original formula.

Players who’ve purchased a digital copy can still download the game and play it forever. Players who bought the game can also play it on a disc.

Here are the cutoffs:

  • Wii U – August 9, 4:59 PM PDT
  • PlayStation 3 – 8AM PDT
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360 (via Backwards Compatibility) – August 8, 5PM PDT
  • Steam (PC) – 4:59 PDT

Even with the game about to go poof, this is an opportunity to experience this game if you’ve never played it before. The game will be available for a bit longer on PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

David Wong

David Wong

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