No Solid Snake for Tekken 7, but Zafina returns and a new character

The third season of Tekken 7 will be rolling out with two new characters: The return of Zafina, and the new hire Leroy Smith.

Zafina has been a playable character since Tekken 6 and will be coming back to the series to once again wreck some havoc.

Leroy Smith will be the new meat and already has his own trailer out, which you can see after the post. His story is that he’s a looking for revenge after a large-scale war took place for his family.

Both characters will roll out this Winter, along with two more unknown characters.

There will also be a new stage and feature with new free updates for those season pass users, so planety to look forward to.

And no, there won’t be Solid Snake. This was just a joke.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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