Dwarf Fortress will be coming to Steam as a premium paid version with a new engine.

Dwarf Fortress paid version coming to Steam; reworked graphics and sound

A new version of Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam from Bay 12 Games and Kitfox Games.

This version of the game will be the same as the original, but with enhanced visuals and sounds, as well as other various game enhancements for players to take in. The graphics have been much improved and vastly different from the original game we all know and love. Well, by “all” I mean the cult. And by “cult” I mean us. Wait, what?

For those who’ve never played Dwarf Fortress, you’ll probably think of it as another tower defense (TD) game with a dwarven approach. Kinda, but not really. Dwarf Fortress puts you in control where you need to control a troupe of dwarves and build a fortress. However, the control you have over your colony of dwarves is absolutely shocking. You can customize your dwarves all the way down to their personalities, wants, needs, and even their body parts, such as their fingers. How’s that for an in-depth game?

The customization is the same for nearly every element in the game, so you can really make this game your own. There’s also a semi-psychics engine which allows players to divert liquid or gravity, so you can literally unleash a flurry of hot liquids on goblins trying to break into your fortress by using the game’s real-time gravity system.

The game uses old-school ASCII graphics, so creatures and buildings are represented by moving symbols across the screen. So this reworded version on Steam will be built on a new engine and tileset for graphics to make it appeal to modern players. There will also be a new OST and other various gameplay enhancements so anyone can dive in and enjoy it. The gameplay will remain largely the same.

Dwarf Fortress will be a premium game on Steam and won’t be free. But for players who dig this kind of stuff, it’s well worth the cash.

Kitfox Games will team up with Bay 12 Games to make this a reality. The original version of Dwarf Fortress will still be available and Kitfox will help out Bay 12 Games will CS and marketing, rather than developing the actual game.

The project can be supported via Patreon or donations for now. Bay 12 will launch the game when it’s ready. The game will be available on Steam and Itch.io after development.

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