Elite Dangerous enters public beta for major update

Elite Dangerous will be getting a beta test starting next week. There will be a huge update planned for early next year, and a round of beta testing will begin next week to test some of the new additions to the game.

Frontier Developments has stated that beta testing begins next week on Wednesday, November 27. The beta test will cover new updates that the game desperate needs with longstanding bugs.

Many stability problems have been plaguing Elite Dangerous for quite some time now. Players have been reporting that they’ve been getting disconnects, crashes, and other soft locks.

The update coming out in January will address these bugs and fix them.

Players can beta test the update running from 11/27 to 12/2 on PC. There may also be extended beta for console players. This is a public beta for Elite Dangerous that anyone can join.

Some of the issues that the update will fix can be found here.