How to catch Deino and Zweilous in Pokemon Sword

Deino and Zweilous are exclusive rare Pokemon to Sword and Shield. These two Pokemon are some of the most difficult to find in the game. But don’t worry, here are the exact specifics on where you can catch ’em.

Deino was released back in Gen 5 and we all known there are many nostalgic player who are just craving some of the old-school Pokemon. There’s nothing better than reliving your old high school memories back in the day.

Where is Deino located?

Deino is located in the Lake of Outrage. There’s no other location in the game so far where you can find the dragon-type and dual-dark type.

The Lake of Outrage sites in the Wild Area near the upper-left area of the Galar region. Deino spawns only 2% of the time and can be found in the long grass and overworld.

What’s Deino’s spawn rate?

It’s also important to note that Deino only spawns during rain. So it must be raining first. After that, you’ll have the 2% spawn rate to catch Deino.

Where is Zweilous located?

Zweilous also spawns in the wild, but requires a different weather condition. It only spawns during thunderstorm conditions with a 2% spawn rate, just like Deino.

Whichever one you find first doesn’t really matter. A single evolution Deino evolves it into Zweilous anyway.

Catching Deino will get you a LVL 50-52 Pokemon.

When does Zweilous evolve into Hydreigon?

You can evolve it into Zweilous after a single LVL as it evolves at LVL 50. Zweilous then evolves into Hydreigon at LVL 64.

Pokemon Sword houses both Deino and Zweilous, so trades must be done for Shield players.