Epic removes Gunner pet from Fortnite, refunds everyone who bought him

Epic Games has gone out and straight up apologized for rehashing a v-bucks dog that pretty much is a clone of a previous dog.

A new pet dog named Gunner was released with a 1K v-bucks price tag where players can carry around on their backs.

However, the dog has been removed from the store because it’s basically a rehash of Bonesy, who was previously available. Both Gunner and Bonesy look nearly identical and fans quickly caught on.

Some were upset, as cosmetics are supposed to be pretty much exclusive and not available anywhere else. As the dogs are nearly the same, this obviously would piss a lot of people off.

Other than some color differences, the dogs are nearly the same.

Epic then went out and apologized to everyone who bought Gunner and said that they’ll be refunded their full purchase plus an extra 200 v-bucks. This is pretty cool. Those who get the refund can apply the refund token to any purchase within the past month.

And yes, Gunner will be completely removed from the game, which means your locker also.

Image via PhantomRacer32.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang

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