Shroud scammers on Twitch.

“Fake Shroud” scammers on Twitch abuse Shroud’s name

Shroud has left Twitch for Mixer and this left a wake of Shroud “impersonators” pretending to be him and using his name without his consent.

In the wake of his departure, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek tells his fans about what he thinks in regards to all these fake celebrities.

He’s built up a history by being a former Counter-Strike GO and reining the FPS arena for quite some time.

He’s best known for his deadly precision when taking down foes. When he went live on Twitch, his thousands of fans would gladly watch him play a variety of games.

Ever since he left the streaming giant and went to Mixer, there has been an uptick in the number of “fake shrouds” on Twitch. They’re mainly abusing his profile to sell skins and other things to confused viewers.

The real Shroud discussed this in a recent stream and basically said he doesn’t care about all these impersonators and that there’s not much he can do to stop them.

During his Mixer stream, someone in his chat told him that there’s a fake Shroud on Twitch and selling unbeknownst viewers CSGO skins.

The stream in question.

Shroud reacts to the news by first being in shock:

“How do they have so many viewers?”

He scrambles to find the channel, but couldn’t.

“There’s no way.”

“They probably got banned.”

“It’s out of my control.” he remarks. “They will get banned. There is nothing I can do personally.”

He closes with: “We’ve all been scammed before.”

Shroud seems to be keeping his cool during this discovery. The scammer was reported to be using his name had over 1K viewers at one point.

He mentions there’s nothing he can do and moves on with the stream.

The stream disappeared and likely was banned on Twitch.

Source: Dexerto.