Riot Games agrees to pay $10M to settle “bro culture” lawsuit

The lawsuit against League of Legend’s Riot Games from earlier in 2018 has been settled.

In summary, the “bro culture” that has been propagating around the workplace led to a $10M settlement for every employee who identifies as a woman.

The discrimination and culture at the studio led to a pool of women suing Riot in 2018. The environment was said to be in violation of basic human rights expected in today’s landscape.

There are about 1,000 employees who qualify and each will receive a portion of the $10M based on their time spent with the company and status.

Contractors, part-time, and full-time employees will receive different contributions from the total amount settled. Qualified women who worked at Riot Games from November 2014 will receive their share, amongst the other qualifiers.

Riot has agreed to pay the damages. The case is now being reviewed a final time.