Far Cry 5 spin-off to be announced at The Game Awards tomorrow

A new game based on the Far Cry series set in Montana will be on the way and will be announced tomorrow at The Game Awards.

Ubisoft is making a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry spin-off game. Just a few hours ago, the publisher released a new trailer for a Far Cry game with a nuclear bomb going off in the hillside in what looks like the state of Montana, which was seen in Far Cry 5. The world then burns after the detonation and there’s a character shown holding a crossbow that seems to use buzzsaws. Yup. Buzzsaws.

The spin-off seems as if they took Far Cry 5 and let a nuke explode. The setting looks the same. The theme looks the same. It’s basically the same game, Far Cry 5, with a nuke and you play in the world after.

No branding or wording in this trailer talks about Far Cry 5 though. That’s the weird part. This will be a new (probably non-canon) game that’s entirely separate from the series and not related other than the setting. It doesn’t seem like an expansion nor DLC, but rather a spin-off game for FC5.

@Nibellion posted this on Twitter and Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards confirmed:

The trailer can be seen below:

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