The Division 2 private beta February 7-10; Sign up even without a pre-order

The Division 2 private beta February 7-10; Sign up even without a pre-order 1

The Divsion 2 has been confirmed for a private beta for folks who pre-ordered the game. A new story trailer has also been released for the upcoming game from Ubisoft. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be rolling out on March 15, and the private beta will run from February 7-10. The game will take … Read more

SteamWorld developer Image & Form hints at new project “coming soon”

SteamWorld developer Image & Form hints at new project "coming soon" 2

Developer Image & Form, the creator of the SteamWorld series of games, released a new video today that hints at a new project they’re working on- and it’s coming sooner than you think. That’s straight from the video, which you can watch at the end of this article. They’re the people the few SteamWorld titles, … Read more

Far Cry 5 spin-off to be announced at The Game Awards tomorrow

Far Cry 5 spin-off to be announced at The Game Awards tomorrow 3

A new game based on the Far Cry series set in Montana will be on the way and will be announced tomorrow at The Game Awards.

Ubisoft is making a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry spin-off game. Just a few hours ago, the publisher released a new trailer for a Far Cry game with a nuclear bomb going off in the hillside in what looks like the state of Montana, which was seen in Far Cry 5. The world then burns after the detonation and there’s a character shown holding a crossbow that seems to use buzzsaws. Yup. Buzzsaws.

The spin-off seems as if they took Far Cry 5 and let a nuke explode. The setting looks the same. The theme looks the same. It’s basically the same game, Far Cry 5, with a nuke and you play in the world after.

No branding or wording in this trailer talks about Far Cry 5 though. That’s the weird part. This will be a new (probably non-canon) game that’s entirely separate from the series and not related other than the setting. It doesn’t seem like an expansion nor DLC, but rather a spin-off game for FC5.

@Nibellion posted this on Twitter and Geoff Keighley of The Game Awards confirmed:

The trailer can be seen below:

Cuphead confirmed for Mac; Studio MDHR releases animated short

Cuphead confirmed for Mac; Studio MDHR releases animated short 4

After a long-time, non stop requests from fans, the rage-inducing, retro platformer Cuphead has finally been released on Mac. And Studio MDHR went one step ahead and even released a new animated short for its release on Macintosh.

Cuphead was released a little over a year ago on Xbox One and PC and was one of the best platformers of 2017. With its new take on traditional side scrolling platformer by going backwards in time, the game was unique and offered something fresh to the platforming genre that’s often dominated by newly released games from indie developers.

While the industry is filled with platformers that release on a daily basis, only a few of them are good. Platformers seem to be a favorite amongst indie developers, but a lot of them are just rushed, sub-par creations.

Cuphead was one of the few gems that sparked some interest back into the genre. Now, Mac owners can get a piece of the action on their computers. Studio MDHR has ported the game over to Mac players with the same experience you’d find on Xbox One or PC versions.

And to top it all off, they’ve marked down the price to just $15.99- a 20% discount to celebrate Mac glory. The sale will run until October 22nd. So if you’re a Mac owner who missed out on the fun, it’s your chance to get in on the action right now.

Studio MDHR animated short features Cuphead, Mugman, and a new character with an apple for a head. The short is called “Crisp Apples” and is a silly little video as this apple guy stumbles upon Cuphead and Mugman eating apples and he freaks out. This is just what you’d expect from this developer.

Cuphead is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Mac.

You can watch the new launch trailer here:

Sleep Tight may be coming to Europe; Developer We Are Fuzzy teases on Twitter

Sleep Tight may be coming to Europe; Developer We Are Fuzzy teases on Twitter 5

Developer We Are Fuzzy released their first game called Sleep Tight a few months back. Sleep Tight is a twin-stick arcade shooter that was only released in North America due to a limited budget.

But We Are Fuzzy may be porting the game over to other regions soon- with Europe in its sights currently.

The news was announced on Twitter, with a nonchalant tweet saying that they’ve got nothing to announce other than they’ve been seeing a bunch of “EU shop requests” and they’re working making it happen. Fans of Sleep Tight have been asking for a release of the game in EU for a while and a PS4 and Xbox One version. We Are Fuzzy stated that they have some a “very exciting announcement coming soon” for fans who’ve been waiting.

Sleep Tight is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter game with an old-school top-down view but with modern graphics and artwork. We Are Fuzzy is an indie developer who you’ve probably never heard of, but that doesn’t mean the little engine can’t try. Sleep Tight was released on July 26, 2018 and is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC in North America.

SteamVR Input allows control scheme support for pretty much any controller

SteamVR Input will allow players to use any controller and use custom schemes.

Value has just announced the beta for SteamVR Input.

It’s a new input system that allows players to make bind configs for controllers in the game. This works whether or not the controller is in production when the game is released. This lets Valve’s homegrown JoyToKey or XPadder to work within SteamVR. Players can make any input system and any other player can choose to use it if they want in the Steam Community.

Support for SteamVR Input is built-in to the system and anyone with the application can access the new input system. Developers can also customize default bindings for every controller type and create new control all the schemes without having to go back and change them for each controller type. SteamVR Input is currently in beta, but you can try it out by going to Properties > SteamVR > Beta and select your build.

There’s basic documentation in the announcement post for software and hardware development information that’s worth checking out.

SteamVR Input comes from the announcement that Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be supported by Steam. The support for this controller and the new input system allows Valve to make a new effort to expand controller support across other builds.