Fire Emblem: Three Houses getting free Lunatic Mode, no DLC scares

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will get an expansion pass with new characters. The game launches this Friday and fans are stoked.

An interview with the series director Genki Yokota, to which he revealed more details about what to expect from the expansion pass. Yokota states:

“The Expansion Pass is only made of side-stories. It won’t contain story content happening after the main story. We’re also planning to add new characters with it. It’ll have a lot of content, so please look forward to it.”

“Besides the Expansion Pass, we are also planning to add Lunatic difficulty via a free update after launch. You will have to wait a bit for this update, but we hope experienced players will try it out.”

This means that the third main story won’t be only available on DLC. Players will be able to play through the entire story mode by only purchasing the base game.

He also said there will be a free Lunatic Mode for all players shortly after launch. So players should be relieved that they’ll play through the main story and a free game mode afterwards- without spending a dime.

The game already has a ton of replayability anyway, and a new difficulty should be awesome.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out this Friday just for the Switch. You can pick up a copy on Amazon.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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