Nintendo replacing or refunding Joy-Con defect; Even out of warranty

Nintendo will be fixing up faulty Joy-Cons for free.

After threatened by legal action by many Switch owners, Nintendo has announced that they’ll be repairing or refunding any Joy-Con drift at no charge.

The problem has never been fixed until now, as they’re starting to see that this could be a manufacturing defect.

Nintendo will replace or refund your Joy-Con problem. Customers will also be able to get their Joy-Cons replaced free of charge even without any proof of purchase nor warranty status. Just head on over to their site and put in a request for a replacement or refund.

So if you’ve been a victim of this faulty controller, get yours fixed now. Note that you’ll have to own at least a pair of faulty Joy-Cons for Nintendo to process to refund or replacement. Not everyone will be able to qualify.

David Wong

David Wong

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