Some screenshots were leaked, here's what we found out.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses screenshots leaked (spoilers)

Someone managed to get an early copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and leaked some screenshots online.

As you probably know, this post contains spoilers. So if you’re avoiding that, look away now. The screenshots are attached to the end of this post.

From what we can see, it looks like we can deduce a few things from the discussion on ResetEra:

  • Sothis will have an adult form
  • There will be multiple fights against the DK
  • You can grow stat boosters at the greenhouse
  • Rodrigue finally arrives at the monastery in month 8 of the playthrough (the game starts on month 4)
  • Rodrigue may also be Felix’s father
  • Sreng was invaded by Dimitri’s father 12 years ago
  • House Fraldarius may be the second command house in Faerghus
  • You can recruit students from different houses

The full OST was also posted:

Three Houses Tracklist from Seasons of Warfare
1. Fire Emblem Three Houses Main Theme
2. Fodlan Winds
3. The Land Beloved by the Goddess
4.The Archbishop
5. The Officer’s Academy
6.Life at Garegg Mach Monastery
7. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods
8. A Promise
9. Beneath the Banner
10. Blue Skies and a Battle
11. The Night of the Ball
12. Awakening
13. Tearing through Heaven
14. Gazing at Sirius
15. Roar of Dominion
16. Descent
17. Unfulfilled
18. Chasing Daybreak
19. Three Crowns
20. Scales of the Goddess
21. Recollection and Regret
22. Song of the Nabateans
23. The Leader’s Path
24. The King of Lions
25. Golden Deer and Crescent Moon
26. Javelin of Light
27. Shambhala (Area 17 redux)
28. The Curse
29. Rematch
30. Between Heaven and Earth
31. Wailing
32. A Place to Rest
33. The Edge of Dawn

The discussion is still ongoing, so check out the thread to keep up.

Source: ResetEra

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