Sigma will be Overwatch's newest hero.

Newest Overwatch hero Sigma is a badass evil scientist

Overwatch will be getting a new hero called Sigma, who’s a cool-looking mad scientist from the future. He’ll be the latest addition to the pack.

Sigma is a villain by nature, who was an astrophysicist who’s mind was basically broken by one of his experiments going wrong. Blizzard released a trailer demoing the character, but we don’t see any of his abilities yet. We just know a bit about his backstory and origins.

There are already some threads online trying to put together what kind of abilities Sigma will have, such as gravity beams and grenades.

Sigma will be the next character added to the game. His release date hasn’t been announced yet, but sit tight for updates. Overwatch has kicked off the seasonal event, Summer Games, with a new queue system that basically adds role lock to the game.

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