First official pics of the Mad Box released; To compete with Xbox and PlayStation

The newest console on the block has released some new images that really show off how “abstract” this piece of work can be.

Slightly Mad Studios is the company behind the Mad Box. They’re the people behind Project Cars 2. The Mad Box is their console that’s currently being developed and aims to compete with the big boys (that’s Xbox One, PS4, and the Switch). Yes, they’re ballsy. And yes, it’s really happening.

A lot of folks earlier this week were shocked when the studio came out and annouced that they were working on a new standalone console. Slightly Mad Studio’s CEO came out and made the announcement- keeping details sparse. But one thing was for certain, the Mad Box was built to compete with Microsoft and Sony while also having VR support.

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Today, the first few official images have been released. These are to show off what the Mad Box will look like when it’s released, so they’re somewhat rough drafts that are close to the real thing. Two images show off the color schemes that can be seen with the company’s mascot largely printed on the side. The color schemes are likely adjustable to fit the mood and feature neon colors with an abstract shape that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

The Mad Box is built to be a “high-end” PC. And now just modern-day PCs. It’ll be as powerful as a gaming PC two years from now in terms of performance. This means it won’t be cheap to make and it won’t be cheap to buy. Modern consoles can’t give the true VR experience that one can have with a tethered PC, so for a console to perform the same, it needs to be powerful- and expensive.

However, it’s been said that the Mad Box will be priced competitively to other consoles on the market. But is that now or in 2020 when the Xbox 2 and PS5 roll out?

There’s no release date for the Max Box yet other than “3 years or so.” With so many failed attempts at competing with the big boys, including Valve’s Steam Boxes, Slightly Mad is in a world of hurt. They’ll have to really pull some amazing feats to get into this market.

Regardless, we’ll have to see if the Max Box goes according to plan first.

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