Dreams public beta sign-up now available

The Dreams beta is finally available to the public.

After many years of waiting, fans can now get their chance at Media Molecule’s Dreams beta. Some players were given access to the creator’s beta last month, but now the public beta is available for sign-ups. Anyone can sign up, whether they’re subscribed to Media Molecule’s newsletter or not (this was the requirement for the creator’s beta).

Dreams has been in development for quite a while now and many interested players have already gone off and pursued other interests (read: other games). However, now that the beta is out, some of these players will return and check it out. Myself being one of them. Dreams made headlines when it faithfully recreated a level from Little Big Planet a few months ago and there was still a loyal fan base waiting on the final product.

The beta is the studio’s chance for players to give feedback and improve the game and see what ideas people come up with given the creator tools that the game features. Dreams allow players to create levels based around whatever they want to use the in-game tools. Some of these creations were featured on the creator’s beta on their Twitch channel.

You can sign up on the official PlayStation Store to secure a spot for the beta access to Dreams:

Dreams still hasn’t had a specific release date. But whenever it is, it’ll be exclusive to the PS4. Given that the game has been in development for so long now, they really need to expose it to the public as much as possible for a successful launch. Most people who were once interested have forgotten about this game by now, so they really need to advertise it to ensure a part of the lost demographic returns to the game.