Former CEO of Telltale suing his own company

The former CEO of Telltale Games is suing the company for a “breach of contract.”

Kevin Bruner was the originally appointed CEO in 2015 when he replaced Dan Connors. Two years later, Bruner stepped down and stayed on the board during the period which then was replaced on an interim by Connors. The new CEO is Peter Hawley, which is a former Zynga executive.

Bruner now wants to sue Telltale. He filed a lawsuit claiming that the board members wanted to replace him because they wanted to change the business model of the company. Telltale was required to provide him with support in selling his holding but then “cut off communication with him.”

The lawsuit was reviewed and it was found that “confidentiality and financial privacy override the right of public access to case records” Telltale then responded saying it was nonsense and Bruner supervised the company during its decline and tried to get rid of the case, but the judge, Roy Chernus, ruled that it required further investigation.

Bruner has been accused of imposing pretty inhuman conditions on his employees.

The lawsuit will return to court on July 17th, 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

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