RAGE 2 will run at 60FPS on PS4 Pro, PC, and Xbox One X; More details revealed

id Software and Avalanche’s upcoming FPS game RAGE 2 has some more juicy details announced.

Firstly, the game will be only single-player. If you’ve played the original game, it had two online modes- Road Rage which was a destruction derby FFA and Wasteland Legends which was a series of co-op missions that was available locally and online. RAGE 2 won’t have any of that.

Designer Magnus Nedfors said that the teams were only “focused on the best open-world single-player game” that they can make and that’s what they’re focused on.

Secondly, RAGE 2 will be running at 60FPS on PC, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X with the Apex Engine which is also used in games like Mad Max, Just Cause 4, and other titles. For owners of PS4 and Xbox One base consoles, they won’t be able to achieve the 60FPS. While this is the first game that doesn’t use the id Tech engine, it does have a similar engine to their other titles with Apex.

RAGE 2 will focus on Walker, who is one of the last Rangers in the wasteland. He wants to take vengeance against the Authority for taking his homeland. Many elements will return like vehicular combat, Wingstick projectile, and enemies. It was announced in May and released with more details during the E3 conference with Bethesda.

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