Fortnite data miners uncover a “Bunnymoon” costume

Data miners are on a roll with Fortnite. First, the mining of a possible gifting option for Fortnite. Now, another Fortnite skin has been revealed ahead of its official release into the game.

Pretty much like any other major Fortnite update, a long list of skins and cosmetics are leaked and spread all over the ‘net in a viral craze. During the V6.20 update, a list was compiled and a few skins were on it that struck some interest. A new skin called Bunnymoon was found in patch 6.20, but only the name was found.

As you can see, the costume is certainly a weird one.

A user called Blackopbeast34 has then uncovered what the name is tied to- it’s a bunny suit with the whole ears and rabbit outfit complete together in one packet. And it’s Uncommon. The skin follows the Halloween Fortnitemare theme as previously laked skins that were found with the previous patch.

Epic Games hasn’t confirmed whether these leaks are real or not, but they’re expected to show up in the shop soon enough.

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