Fortnite: Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes II killed by another player wearing his jersey

The Fortnite and NFL teaming up with NFL player jerseys available in-game have produced some weird results. The new event kicked off just last week spawning a flurry of players playing as their favorite football player. The crossover produced one, very specific and personal issue that made headlines (so far).

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs QB and early MVP frontrunner, expressed his “concern” on Twitter detailing his own thoughts on the NFL and Fortnite crossover. Apparently, after he played Fortnite for the first time in a while, he was killed in the game by another player wearing his own jersey:

Fortnite seems to be the favorite among athletes over the past year as many teams even gone ahead and banned Fortnite from being played in their locker room.

While it’s that addicting, this case with Mahomes is one strange story. He probably won’t be emotionally scarred by it, but being killed in a game with someone playing as yourself is definitely one odd experience. On one hand, you got killed by yourself in a video game. On the other hand, someone likes you enough to represent you in the world’s most popular battle royale game. Just like Mahomes, I’d be confused just as much as he was.

NFL skins have already been removed from the game as it was a limited time event.

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