Google to reveal more details about Stadia at Stadia Connect

Google will be pushing out details regarding Google Stadia during “Stadia Connect.”

Google tweeted today that they’ll be releasing further details regarding Stadia this Thursday over Twitter.

For those who don’t know, Stadia is Google’s streaming hub which allows players to play supported games using multiple controllers on many devices.

Google will be releasing more details about Stadia this coming week. Stadia Connect will be their “show” which promises to detail ongoing events and development with Stadia.

The event answers burning questions like supported games, price, and launch details.

They even tweeted about these questions and understand that fans are really looking forward to these questions behind answered by them.

This will probably determine the initial impression of the device and generate a rapport going forward.

Google Stadia could be the next big thing, or it could be a total flop. Who knows? It really depends on how people will handle the device and if it can actually work itself into people’s gaming lives.

Google tweeted that some news can’t wait until E3, so it looks like they really have something to share.

David Wong

David Wong

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