Google Stadia pricing, launch details, games to be revealed

Google’s game streaming device was first revealed this year at GDC 2019, and now, they’ve released some more details about the console.

For those who don’t know, Google has an upcoming device called the Google Stadia. The device is basically a streaming hub device that allows gamers to stream games to the console via WiFi, rather than having the games be downloaded or played off a disc as traditional consoles do.

Google has revealed that the Stadia should be released this summer and announced some specific details regarding launch. They haven’t specifically said what the details are, but they’ve announced that they’ll be revealing answers to these questions:

  • What games will be on Stadia?
  • How much will Stadia cost?
  • What other launch details should we know?

Google hasn’t actually answered these questions- they’ve merely told us when they expect to have answers for us, which doesn’t really do much.

This should be pretty fascinating as Google has its own dev team led by former Ubisoft and EA dev Jade Raymond, but has yet to tell us who else is involved with the project.

Stadia will let players play a variety of games on any console that you already own. It’s not exactly a console, but rather a device that streams directly to your PC, laptop, phone, or other device to play your games. These games are streamed direction from Google’s servers which are located around the world to your device.

Some people may remember Project Stream, which was basically the preliminary testing grounds for Stadia. Players could play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at a smooth 60FPS in full HD through the Chrome Browser. All the processing is done on the server rather than the console, which is definitely a new approach.

Stadia also allows players to use their own controllers and devices to play games through the device. Any popular combination works. The technology behind the low latency gaming project was developed to allow players to play all games with no loag cross any device using any controller. Game saves can also be ported from one device to another.

Pricing, release date, and first-party titles are still yet to be revealed. We just know that the details will be revealed this year alongside the Stadia itself. Stay tuned for details.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang

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