GreedFall trailer shows off historic European themes

A brand new and awesome RPG made by Developer Spiders is coming soon, and they’ve just released their trailer for GreedFall.

It shows off a nice blend of the game’s historic 17th century Europe mixed with both magic and fantasy elements. It depicts the story by showing mercenaries, bounty hunters, and settlers all running away from a place of pollution and settle on a new remote island filled with beaming magic. It’s known as Teer Fradee and has plenty of mysteries for the explorer to embark on- but it’s also filled with dangers.

You meet your relative there who plans to be the governor of a new colony on the island. It’s a game full of exploration, politics, and magic.

So far, the game looks very pretty and authentic to the time. Costumes, weapons, and buildings are all reminiscent of popular designs during that time period with Flemish paintings. The game will have full combat, diplomacy, and plenty to explore. Developer Spiders allow full customization of the character with both gender and class-less leveling. There will be over 100 skills and your actions shape the world you play in. Companions and crafting will also be present.

GreedFall. is scheduled and available available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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