Next-gen Xbox “Scarlett” will be a series of devices rather than a single unit

E3 was a huge success as it got fans excited more than ever for official reports of upcoming games.

The next Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, was released at Microsoft’s press conference which showed off a broad range of game titles and very little time for the tech powering the games. Phil Spencer, the top dog of Xbox, suggested that a wave of next-gen projects are moving forward under that same esoteric name.

He spoke on the vibrant nature of the games industry and promised Microsoft’s commitment tot he future that involves AI, cloud-based streaming, and the next Xbox console.

He used the word “consoles” which suggests that it’ll be more than a single piece of the console. This means a whole multitude of devices. The speech focused on talking about games more than hardware and fans were fine with it. Halo Infinity, Cybperunk 2077, The Division 2, and even Fallout 76.

With such diverse games, the console has nothing to show for it at this point. We’ll have to scrap the tidbits of info like usual until time tells all the details.

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