GTA Online getting new music? DLC? New update coming June 2018.

Rockstar posted an image on their page that looks like some kind of promo art for a concert in Los Santos, their fictional city. It consists of a lineup of electronic artists- Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna all ready for Summer 2018.

The GTA Online community is all ripe with a lot of activity about the flyer all with their own theory on what it could mean. The Black Madonna also tweeted their own version of the flyer, which only adds to the mystery.

New music is awesome, but this could be a new radio station or new tracks to GTA Online’s playlist. Or it could be a new DLC for a GTA Online nightclub stream, similar to Gunrunning and being a Motorcycle Club owner. Supposedly, it’ll be released in June– whatever it is. Stay tuned for updates.

Image via Rockstar.

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