Build your own prehistoric civilization in Madruga Works’ next game – Dawn of Man

Madruga Works is announcing a new game called Dawn of Man.

They’re the devs behind the space colony game Planetbase, which allowed players to explore space and colonize a wide variety of planets- each with their own pros and cons. The game had a few minor issues and wasn’t perfect, but that still didn’t make it a huge flop. It was released on PC and later ported to Xbox One in May 2017.

Madruga Works now is working on Dawn of Man, which is another colonial-type game except it takes place on a smaller, yet more detailed, scale. This time you build out and village tens of thousands of years ago back in the caveman era, or at least it appears so. Humanity is still on the brink of survival and is struggling to make it past the days with basic tools and no electricity. Players will create their own prehistoric village and guide its development and evolution over a period of 10,000 years. It’s like Spore but stuck in the prehistoric era.

Like many other games in this genre, you’ll have to gather basic supplies in order to the proposer. You can farm animals, hunt them, craft stuff, and breed out your population. Gathering materials like wood, stone, flint, berries, meat, skin, clothing, and food are all necessary to mankind.

The Steam store page shows that you can build up your village in preparation for conflict. There will likely be some PvE elements or possibly even PvP as well. The trailer shows off some raiding between players, so PvE is likely confirmed. Wild animals, humans, and other savage beasts lurk around your village and it’s up you to defend it.

The title will be available sometime in late 2018. Sit tight for updates. This time around, it may just be a hit.

Source: TechRaptor.

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